Organizations We Heart

Woven into the fabric of our company is a desire to show love to children in need. A portion of the proceeds from every CooCube will be donated to worthy organizations working to care for and positively impact children. Get to know the organizations we heart.

We Love The Judah Quy Home for Precious Little Ones

Left: Yaqueline, a child at The Judah Quy Home for Precious Little Ones. Right: Paul and Kristin Hoffman with their family


CooCube: Can you tell us about your organization in 20 words or less?

Paul and Kristin Hoffman: Our home provides intensive, loving care for seriously ill, abandoned babies in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Just what God wants.


CooCube: How did you get started?

Paul and Kristin Hoffman: Adopting William we saw how, despite serious neglect and serious health challenges, he quickly flourished in the greenhouse of God's healing hand, a loving family and some quality medical care. We started to wonder, "What about other sick kids without families to love and advocate for them?"


CooCube: What is the best advise that you’ve been given?

Paul and Kristin Hoffman: Jesus told us: "Freely you have received. Now, freely give!"


CooCube: What's next?

Paul and Kristin Hoffman: We foresee various avenues of expansion, including: family-style care for older children on-site, free prenatal and midwifery care for needy mothers, and support for families with special needs children to prevent abandonment.


CooCube: If you could choose one word to describe your organization what would it be?

Paul and Kristin Hoffman: Love


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